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Hey, I'm Célian, developer and co-founder of TCE and will try to present you what TheCrewExchange is. It's a project from MrLag's idea. At first, it was not planned to be a website to share images, the initial idea will be a feature for the second milestone, however, so be patient. :wink: I saw a lot of beautiful screenshots on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, so this made me decide to create this website based on exchange. The website was built and created using CodeIgniter by me (Célian), and the site's logo was made by SombreNoob, so a thank you goes to him for that!
A big thank you to MrLag, Black Lotus and DatWut for giving me motivation, helping me testing the website and helping me with other things (such as translations). And also a big thank you to every tester in the private beta and for every bug they reported! TCE is still in development, some information about features and changes on The Crew Discord (in #tce_changes) and on Trello. Don't hesitate to contact me on Discord, Twitter or by e-mail.
Here is a little description of the staff (each text is given by every user themselves). I don't know what more to say, except for upload and share. Enjoy!


Co-Founder / Dev

16 years old, I love front-dev and game car !
I'm FPV pilot too (bad atm xD).


Co-Founder / CM

17 years old, driving on the edge since a long time. Creator of content on Trackmania and now on The Crew. Serious video editing is serious.

Black Lotus


From Latvia. Owner of The Crew discord server.
Volunteer moderator on the ubisoft forum[en]. Weeb.



German. Idiot. Moderator on Ubisoft forums.
How may I help?



Programmer. Working in many languages. Most interesting in Python and HTML+JS+CSS.

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